Resolve is an interesting thing. Each new year the world silently resolves to individually do new things, seems few follow through. I have made many frivolous resolutions; work out more, write in a journal every day, eat healthy, etc. The only resolutions I have ever kept are the ones that are very clear, such as reading 24 books in a year. True resolve is a fierce determination to a course of action and it is much easier to stay determined when your goal is not ambiguous. Every New Year’s Day it is refreshing to start new. There is something great about today, something about a fresh beginning. It is a little easier to say no to a brownie for breakfast, when yesterday that seemed like a perfectly good idea.

Table spread for a party

On NYE at our house, we gather. We’ve hosted a party every year since Colin and I got married. The guest list has evolved over the years. Sometimes there are 4 people and other years there are 24, but there is always a gathering. I polled the guests at the party last night about their resolutions for the year and my favorite came from our friend Julia. I think fierce determination may be too weak of language for the resolve that she has for her goal this year. She is planning to run one mile every day of the year. We spent a considerable amount of time tearing her down, reminding her of days with head colds, sore muscles, or worse yet, days with the stomach flu. We all but told her we didn’t think it was possible and she did not waver in her belief that she could do it. She continuously said, “It’s just ten minutes.” And of all the people I talked to, she’s the one I think will come back to the party next year and report that she did in fact complete her goal. Go get em’ Julia. We are cheering for you, and we would love to run your last mile with you next year on New Year’s Eve.

Pineapple sliced

We had no plans of making an international dish for the NYE party, but when our out of town friends learned of the blog they thought it sounded like fun and insisted that it would be great to have photos of the general merriment of the evening in addition to photos of the food. However, once the party started who forgot to take pictures? This girl. We opened up the random country generator and landed on Nauru. Nauru is the third smallest country in the world, so if you’ve not heard of it you are probably not alone. It is an island off the Northeast end of Australia and only covers 8 sq. miles. You can drive around the entire country in about 20 minutes, but it is home to roughly 10,000 people.

We did a quick [and I mean quick] internet search for recipes. We had 20 people coming in just a couple of hours and we still needed to make all of our planned appetizers in addition to getting groceries for and making the food from Nauru. We landed on Gateau du Nauru, which translates to Cake of Nauru. We had all but a few ingredients and the cook time was only an hour which felt doable while still getting ready for the party. The only hang up was that the recipe was in French. We’re pretty sure we got it right with the help of Google translate, but we may have taken our own creative license with parts of the recipe. The result was a bread that was moist, flavorful, and well received at the party. It was a bit like banana bread with a tropical flair. The pineapple chunks and coconut oil gave it an island flavor.   

Gateau du Nauru

This year I’m going to resolve to bring you three posts per month. My goal is always to post once per week but sometimes life gets in the way. You may see months where I post three days in a row at the end of the month, but hey, we are all just doing our best and by golly today I’m committed. Wouldn’t it be something to actually complete our goals for the year. To have that sense of accomplishment and to walk into 2021 with a new goal because we crushed our goals of 2020. Make it attainable, make it measurable, but make it. Make a goal and stick to it as fiercely as you can. When others give you excuses or try to destroy your idea be as unwavering as Julia and prove them all wrong. Happy New Year!

Gâteau du Nauru

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  1. Hi Allie, it appears that you left several ingredients off the list. I don’t see the eggs, bananas, milk, and coconut oil on the list, but they’re mentioned in the instructions. Can you please add them to the list? I would love to make this for an event I’m going to on Saturday!

    Thanks so much, Allie!

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. That’s what I get for trying to play trains with a toddler and write a recipe at the same time! I think it’s all fixed now. Let me know what you think of it! I love to hear what people think when they try the recipes!

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