Chicken Fingers

There is something so playful and joyous about being around children. I was excited when we found out we were pregnant with Micah and I knew we were in for a world of joy in watching him grow. What I didn’t anticipate was all the ways that he would bring me back to my childhood.  The way his curiosity would reinvigorate mine, or how his endless energy would both wear me out and fuel me to keep going, all at the same time. This summer, I’ve loved the innocence of staying up late on summer nights to catch fireflies, eating drippy delicious ice cream cones, swimming in the rain, and belly laughing at silly words that make Micah laugh so hard he can’t catch his breath. 

Homemade chicken finger dipping in barbaque sauceThe internet tells me that chicken fingers were born right here in the US of A. In the same way Micah draws me to my childhood, so do certain foods  I remember years when all I would ever order at a restaurant was chicken fingers and bbq sauce. It didn’t matter where we were—if it was on the menu, it was what I chose. I didn’t actually think we were capable of making restaurant style chicken fingers at home, but man was I wrong. They turned out to be incredible. They were crispy and moist and every bit as good as I could get out somewhere! Because of COVID, we haven’t ventured out to restaurants yet, so it was a treat to have a restaurant style food right in our own kitchen. 

Homemade chicken finger

As Fred Rogers reminds us “Play is the work of Childhood” In the midst of a world and a country in chaos, take time to play, as adults. Play in the kitchen, play outside, play a video game, just pause to laugh and play and remember some of the fun parts of being a kid.

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  1. This is great, Allie! At almost 32 years old, Stephanie still loves chicken fingers!

    I didn’t see a recipe here, though. Can you please share how you made them? Thanks so much, and thanks for sharing your love for food, family, and friendship!

    1. Debbie! Some how I missed this comment last month! I cannot remember which recipe I followed, but I know I didn’t alter it which is why I didn’t include a recipe, I never like to take credit for something someone else came up with. I just went searching through all kinds of blogs and recipes and they aren’t jumping out as super familiar. It might have been this one but I’m not positive! Sorry! I’ll take better notes next time!

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